Mixer creates three separate folders and utilizes subfolders to further distinguish between custom assets vs. downloaded assets. The following image gives an overview of these main folders and their subfolders.

  1. Mixer App
  2. Megascans Library
  3. Mixer Files

Mixer App

This folder is created for the Mixer App itself and contains the executable to launch Mixer.

Megascans Library

This is the Local Library folder that can be set through the application’s Preferences. Within this folder, there are two folders, Downloaded and Custom.

1. Downloaded

This is where your Megascans assets downloaded from the Online Library inside the app as well as through Quixel Bridge will be available.

2. Custom

This is where your Mixes will be available if you utilize the Export to Local Library feature.

Mixer Files

This folder contains the project files, aka mixes, and presets that are created while using Mixer.

1. Projects

Your Mixes will be saved in this folder under their Project names.

2. Presets

Any custom presets you save will be stored here, along with other customized information related to exports, downloads, masks, etc. This folder will also carry information on presets shipped with Mixer.