Under this tab, there are several display options.


  • Background: Choose between a gradient, a flat color, or a skybox.
    • If the skybox is selected, you can use the Blur Background slider to control the skybox’s visibility.
    • The skybox is set with the scene’s lighting environment.
  • Background Blur: Blur the background without interfering with light in your scene.
  • Field of View: Change the field of view of the camera.


  • Light Intensity: Set the light intensity.
  • Light Rotation: Rotate the scene light. (Shortcut: Shift + click and drag RMB)
  • Shadow Resolution: Specify the shadow resolution.


  • Tessellation: Specify the tessellation resolution.
  • Anti Aliasing: Technique for minimizing the distortion artifacts when representing a high-resolution image at a lower resolution


  • Subdivisions: Control the size of subdivisions on the viewport grid. Choose between decimeter, centimeter, or you can turn subdivisions off.
  • Fade subdivisions:When enabled, zooming in and out on the viewport will fade the grid’s subdivisions.
  • Grid Color: Opens a color picker to change the color of the grid.