A noise layer on top of a base solid layer.

The Noise Layer provides a non-destructive way to create procedural changes in height information for your projects and is easily usable through multiple parameters.

Layer Properties

This layer uses procedural noise to affect the displacement of the underlying layers. A Noise Layer has the following properties:

  1. Height Noise
  2. Placement

1. Height Noise

  • Amplitude: Control the amplitude or strength of the noise.

  • Frequency: Control the density of noise.

  • Octaves: Control the number of octaves. A higher value will produce more and finer irregularities.

  • Lacunarity: Control the frequency change between octaves.

  • Persistence: Control the amplitude change between octaves.

  • Clamp: Set the range of values accepted for the noise. Values outside this range will be clamped to the minimum or the maximum.

  • Clamp Influence: Adjust the intensity of the clamp.

2. Placement

Mixer allows you to place your noise layer and freely move, rotate and scale it through Placement Controls.