Users can use this page to find Mixer’s free learning content curated by Quixel’s finest and the community. Apart from the content available here, tutorials specific to a topic will also be available on its page in the manual.

This page has been further categorized into the following topics to help users create their mixes quickly. However, if you wish to explore all of Mixer’s tutorials, head to Quixel’s Youtube Page to explore more.

Getting Started with Mixer:

Here’s a quick look at what Mixer can do with its new 3D texturing features.

Mixer is part of a vast ecosystem that is focused on creating art. Take a look at how the ecosystem works.

Now that you know what Mixer can do, let’s dive deeper into how you can gain the most by making it a part of your workflow.

Preparing for Mixer

While Mixer’s texturing for surfaces or 3D Assets from Megascans do not require much prework, custom 3D assets must be imported in a certain way for a smooth workflow. Take a look at this video to get started with the dos and don’ts of importing custom 3d meshes.

Here’s another one to get you a bit more comfortable preparing 3D models for texturing in Mixer.


Learn about Mixer’s Multiple Texture Support

Let’s take a look at texturing 3D Assets from the Megascans library.

Here is another one to help you further, but we will be working with a plane surface this time.

Here’s how you can take Megascans realistic assets to create stylized environments.

Here’s more.

Must Watch

Tips and Tricks:

Older, not obsolete

Here are some links for older tutorials, but you will find them equally helpful when learning more about Mixer.