Mixer 2021.1.3

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Mixer 2021.1.2

  • Use the Auto-Create Layer Sets feature to create one new Layer Set per Texture Set
  • Quickly select target texture sets by pressing ‘Q’ while a Layer Set is selected
  • Easily move or copy layers or groups to another Layer Set (existing or new)
  • Added multi-action options for the entire list of assets available in the Asset Manager
  • In the 2D grid view, custom names will be visible next to the UDIMs number
  • Improved the Height Blending interface
  • Multiple UI/ UX improvements
  • Multiple bug fixes related to saving, exporting, painting, projection and downloads

Note: This update is available for Windows only.

Mixer 2021.1.1

  • HotFix Fixed saving and loading of placement settings for decals and surfaces in a mix
  • Fixed an issue where opening a Sample Mix while the Library was syncing on Mixer’s first launch would lead to an unexpected behavior
  • Fixed an issue where the changelog might not be visible inside of Mixer on Mac

Mixer 2021.1.0

  • Introducing support for Multiple Texture Sets and UDIMs. Easily set up Texture Sets based on Materials or UDIMs and intuitively target different parts of your mesh with Layer Sets.
  • Ability to paint across Texture Sets
  • A brand new Texture Sets Editor, allowing user-friendly and quick management of Texture Sets.
  • Auto Focus – A new viewport feature that keeps you focused on the parts of the mesh you are texturing.
  • Flatten Mix feature that helps you minimize resource usage.
  • Export of 3D assets to the local library for one-click exports to your DCC using Bridge.
  • 100 new smart materials based on plastic surfaces completely free for use.
  • Enhanced UI responsiveness and layer dragging
  • Multiple feature enhancements and performance improvement across the board

Mixer 2020.1.6

  • Introducing Mask Exports feature as a simple yet handy tool that allows you to export your masks made inside Mixer to be used in whatever DCC renderer you prefer. Mixer allows you to custom pack multiple masks into one map export, making it much easier to create composite masks.
  • This release includes Proxy Support for running Mixer on networks that use a proxy server.
  • 65 new smart materials have been added to the smart materials library and are available for free. This pack includes Machinery/ Mechanical materials such as Rusted Metal, Scratched Painted Metal, Corroding Steel, Heat Affected, and many more.
  • Multiple bug fixes related to saving, painting, masks, asset downloads, and blending modes.

Mixer 2020.1.5

  • 73 new smart materials available for free and ready to use. This pack includes Archviz collection such as galvanized furniture metal, clean white marble, granite block, fabrics such as old oily fabric, blue medical scrubs, worn beige fabric, and many more in Ceramics and Rocks.
  • Fixed brush becoming invisible when painting on a plane.
  • Addressed issues with saving and exporting while the application is in the background.
  • Addressed issues occurring when downloading all acquired assets.
  • Improved user experience when using Mixer while offline.
  • Multiple minor fixes.

Mixer 2020.1.4

  • Added new Smart Material Pack consisting of 44 new Smart Materials.
  • Minor backend updates

Mixer 2020.1.3

  • HotFix Resolved issues with saving mixes

Mixer 2020.1.2

  • 50 new Smart Materials, including Metals such as aluminum, oxidized iron, and gold, Fabrics such as denim, stained lined, camo gear, and an array of Plastics, Rocks, Woods, and Leathers. All these are ready to go and are entirely free to use.
  • Introducing the Asset Manager, bringing speed and convenience to your layer stack by giving you an overview of all assets being used and the ability to replace or reload them with just a few clicks.
  • An improved and streamlined installer that allows you to download only the components you need.
  • Updated Camera navigation in the viewport. Zoom and rotate now pivot around the mouse position by default.
  • Multiple bug fixes

Mixer 2020.1.1

  • Added support for Mac OSX Catalina
  • Fixed model loading issues on Mac OSX High Sierra
  • Fixed paint masks not working on groups
  • Fixed a couple of issues related to login and linking accounts
  • Other minor fixes

Mixer 2020.1.0

  • Introducing Mixer 2020 with the first look at 3D support. Allowing 3D texturing with painting, sculpting, blending, and procedural masking, Mixer gives you creative control and the ability to define your unique look, be it stylized, photo-real, or beyond
  • Smart Materials: Apply smart materials in a single click from the built-in Quixel Smart Materials library or create your own
  • Multi-channel 3D painting: Unlocking seamless 3D painting across UVs and an improved brush system with more controls
  • Import Megascans 3D assets directly from the library or import your custom 3D models
  • Real-time curvature: Create realistic wear, tear, and dirt accumulation with the new real-time curvature system.
  • Channel-specific controls for every layer. Mixer now gives you control over every texture map in every layer, offering powerful blending, matching, contrast, inversion, custom texture swapping, and opacity control of your layers
  • Box Projection: Giving you total freedom over the tiling, scale, and rotation of your texture
  • New Map Component: Allowing you to create masks based on any map of any layer or a library asset
  • Material ID support
  • Updated Position Gradient Component
  • Updated Normal Mask Component
  • Groups
  • Color Tags for layers and groups