The Edit Menu allows you to undo/redo actions, as well as duplicate or flatten your layers. You can also access Mixer’s settings here.

  • Undo: Undo the last action.
  • Redo: Redo the last undo action.
  • Duplicate Layer: Create a copy of the currently selected layer(s).
  • Flatten Mix: By flattening a mix, all layers are merged into the base maps. This removes your layers and frees up resources.
  • Create Layer Sets from Texture Sets: Use this option to quickly create Layer Sets in Mixer based on the Texture Sets of your model. Find more here.
  • Preferences: Opens the preferences dialog, where you can edit paths and UI options.
  • Configure Autoload Map Names: This opens up a window where you can view the default search terms for autoloading maps and allows you to add your custom terms as well. Click here for further details.