Noise can help with creating a more natural or random Mix by using noise generators.

  • Noise Type: Dropdown to chose between available noise generators.
    • Simplex
    • Perlin
    • Worley 1
    • Worley 2
    • Worley 3
  • Seed: Iterate through different versions of the noise with the same values.

  • Amplitude: Control the intensity of noise waves.

Increasing amplitude
  • Frequency: Control the amount of noise.

Increasing frequency
  • Octaves: Control the number of octaves. A higher value will produce more fine irregularities.

Increasing octaves
  • Lacunarity: Control the frequency of the octaves.

  • Persistence: Control the amplitude of the octaves.

Increasing persistence

To get acquainted with what this feature can do, please view the following video.