In Mixer, the layer’s reflectance is a combined result of Albedo, Metalness, and Roughness. The reflectance can be set for all layers that have these 3 values. (Paint and Noise layers do not have reflectance). These layers have an option to select their reflectance through the built-in presets as well.

Liquid Layer Reflectance
  • Albedo: The color of the surface with no lighting information.
  • Metalness: The metallicity of the surface in greyscale, where white is metallic and black is non-metal.
  • Roughness: A grayscale value that defines the roughness of the surface. A smaller value will result in a smaller and brighter specular highlight.

Reflectance Presets:

Mixer comes with built-in presets that allow you to give unique metallic textures to your layers. You can find a vast array of reflectance presets by clicking the options menu at the top-right corner of the layer’s properties. By clicking any of these, the reflectance of the layer will change accordingly. This option is located in the “Reflectance” section of the layer’s properties for the Liquid layer.

  • Save Preset: You can save your layer’s current reflectance value as a custom preset, which will show up under ‘Users’.
  • Pick Underlying Colors: You can assign colors of the underlying layer to your current layer.
  • Load Default: You can go back to the default color.
  • Metals: You can assign a preset/saved reflectance value to your layer.
  • Users: Your saved custom presets will show up here.