Mixer can be installed using a silent or command-line installation as well. The latest installer has to be downloaded, and then the command prompt can be utilized to run the installation process.

For windows, click the start button and type cmd or command prompt, and run the application.

Use the commands to point to the directory where the installer is saved. In the following example image, the downloads directory has been utilized.

Once in that directory, the installation can be initiated by typing the name of the installation file. This can be done manually or can be pasted in the command prompt by copying the installation file’s name and adding .exe at the end without spaces. For this example, we will use “Quixel_Mixer_2020.1.5_Beta.exe”.

As an example of customization, a mode and its values are entered here to change the installation process.

Once entered with these parameters, the installer will immediately jump to the downloading and installation process.

For all other values that have not been changed, the installer will proceed with their default ones. Additional commands can be used to customize the installation procedure. Below is the list of available options with their descriptions.

Command Lines

mode displays system status, changes system settings, or re-configures ports or devices. For silent installation, this should be set to unattended

unattendedmodeui can be used to change the configuration which controls the level of interaction with dialog boxes.
none – No user interaction is required, and no output is shown
minimal – No user interaction is needed, and a progress pop-up is displayed showing the installation progress
minimalWithDialogs – In addition to the installation progress shown in the minimal mode, pop-ups are also displayed

componentselection can be used to select which component the user intends to install.
“new_components” as value will install only the latest version of the app and smart materials pack. This will also be the default value unless specified otherwise.
“all_components” can be used to download the latest app version, smart materials, and sample mixes.

installdir can be used to allocate the location of the installation files. By default, this will be program files for windows and applications folder on a mac
An example to install Mixer at the default location will be “C:\Program Files\QuixelMixer”

librarypath can be used to specify the library path. By default it will the be C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Library
An example to set up the library files at a custom location could be F:\CustomLibrary

mixerfilespath will follow the same rule as the library path
An example to set up the mixer files at a custom location could be F:\CustomMixerFiles

TempFilesPath (Windows installer only) will also follow the same rule as the library path and, if not specified, will use the default values
An example to set up the destination of the temporary file could be F:\Temp32