This page includes a variety of terms often used in Mixer.

Term Definition
Blending The process of putting two or more layers together.
Hamburger Icon It Looks like ≡, brings up more options for a certain tool.
DCC Digital Content Creator.
Invert Modify the greyscale map by inverting each value.
Layer A Mix is made up of layers of different types that blend with each other depending on the mask and the blending options.
LMB Left mouse button.
Mask Determines what parts of the layer are visible.
Mask Stack A stack of mask layers that control the layer’s mask.
Megascans Quixel’s library of scans
MMB Middle mouse button.
Mix A Mix is made in Mixer.
PBR Physically-Based Rendering.
Procedural Something that is generated mathematically.
Project A folder of Mixes.
RMB Right mouse button.
Material ID RGB texture
Smart Materials Group of layers that adapt and react to the underlying surface and geometry.
Groups Layers combined in a single group
Channel specific controls Controls for texture maps of every layer/surface
3D assets 3D objects that are provided by Megascans library
Mask Components Different types of mask that can be added to a layer in the mask stack
Mask Modifiers Modifiers are used to modify mask components
LOD Level Of Detail