• Hover over any tool or UI element to see a relevant tooltip.
  • Use the MMB on a color swatch to automatically match it to the average Mix color.


Action Windows Mac
Switch to Viewport tab V V
Switch to Local Library tab L L
Quick-export Ctrl+Shift+E CMD+Shift+E
Toggle UI Space bar Space bar
Undo Ctrl+Z CMD+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y CMD+ Shift+Z
New Mix Ctrl+N CMD + N
Open Mix Ctrl+O CMD+O
Save Mix Ctrl+S CMD+S
Save Mix as Ctrl+Shift+S CMD+Shift+S
View preferences Ctrl+K CMD+K
Asset Manager Ctrl+Shift + A CMD+Shift + A
Custom Export Channels Ctrl+Shift + C CMD+Shift + C
Texture Sets Editor Ctrl+Shift + T CMD+Shift + T

Layer Controls

Action Windows Mac
Add Material ID Mask I I
Add Mask Stack K K
Add Paint Mask N N
Add Black Paint Mask Alt+N Option+N
Duplicate layer Ctrl+D CMD+D
Group Selected Layers Ctrl+G Cmd+G
Clip layers Alt+LMB Option + LMB
Quick swatch eye dropper Shift + LMB Shift + LMB
Quick Eye Dropper Q(hold) Q(hold)
Disable Mask Shift+LMB Shift+LMB
Delete Layer Backspace/Delete Delete
Next Layer/ Input Field Tab Tab
Previous Layer/ Input Field Shift+Tab Shift+ Tab
Isolate visibility Alt + LMB Option + LMB

Reflectance Color Icons

Match swatch to base MMB MMB
Invert Mask or Paint layer Ctrl + I CMD + I


Action Windows Mac
Select Brush B B
Select Eraser E E
Change brush size S + MMB (drag horizontally) S + MMB (drag horizontally)
Change brush flow F + MMB (drag horizontally) F + MMB (drag horizontally)
Change brush angle A + MMB (drag horizontally) A + MMB (drag horizontally)
Change brush opacity O + MMB (drag horizontally) O + MMB (drag horizontally)
Connect to last stroke (Plane mode only) Shift + LMB Shift + LMB
Draw a straight line (canvas-aligned, Plane mode only) Shift + LMB (drag) Shift + LMB (drag)
Draw a straight line (camera-aligned, Plane mode only) Shift + S + LMB (drag) Shift + S + LMB (drag)
Set displacement brush (On Plane 2D Only) C C
Raise displacement brush (On Plane 2D Only) Z Z
Lower displacement brush (On Plane 2D Only) X X


Action Windows Mac
Preview Meshes M M
Toggle displacement D D
Toggle tiling T T
Toggle grid G G
Toggle Active Area Focus A A
Toggle orthographic view P P
Cycle HDRI Arrow Up/Down Arrow Up/Down
Pan view MMB (drag) MMB (drag)
Rotate view Alt + LMB (drag) Option + LMB (drag)
Ortho Rotation Snapping Alt + LMB + S Option + LMB + S
Zoom MMB (scroll) MMB (scroll)
Zoom (alternate) Alt + RMB (drag vertically) Alt + RMB (drag vertically)
Rotate lighting Shift + RMB (drag) Shift + RMB (drag)
Focus scene F F
Focus scene and reset angle Shift + F Shift + F
View PBR of current mix 1 1
View Albedo 2 2
View Metalness/ Specular 3 3
View Roughness 4 4
View Normals 5 5
View Displacement 6 6
View Ambient Occlusion 7 7
View Material ID 8 8
View Layer Mask 9 9
View Active Mask 0 0
Camera view P P