Tiling Projection Modifier

This modifier is used to project the mask component on the layer.

Demonstration of Projection over Pattern component.
  • Projection Type: Allows you to choose between Tiling, Freeform, and Box projection types.
  • Repetitions X: Repeats your mask in the X-direction.
  • Repetition Y: Repeats your mask in the Y-direction.
  • Offset X: Moves the mask in the X-direction.
  • Offset Y: Moves the mask in the Y-direction.
  • Rotate: Rotates the mask. In tiling mode, it rotates at 90-degree increments around the center pivot.
  • Scale: Change the size of your mask.
  • Angle: Rotates the mask at angles assigned by the user.
  • Tilt: Tilt your mask.
  • Radius: Sets the softness of the diagonal blends of planes, from sharp to soft.
  • Height Influence: Blend the difference between heights at the point of intersection.
  • Alignment: There are three ways to align the Box projection and Position Gradient, which assists with Multiple Texture Sets.
  • 1. Align to texture set individually:
    • Box projection has one pivot per texture set, and scales / rotates from that.
    • Position gradient creates one gradient per texture set.
  • 2. Align to texture sets combined:
    • Box projection has one pivot shared by the targeted texture sets and scale / rotate from that.
    • Position gradient creates one gradient across the targeted sets.
    • Adding or removing target sets moves this pivot and re-projects all targets.
  • 3. Align to model:
    • Box projection has one pivot for the entire model
    • Position gradient is calculated from one end of the model to the other.
    • Adding or removing texture set targets does not affect the projection on other targets.

The following video will get you up to speed.


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