This documentation will help you get started quickly with Mixer, understand key concepts, and familiarize yourself with the user interface.

This manual has been divided into the following sections.

Introduction: A quick look at Mixer, the Quixel Ecosystem, and supporting material.
Making your First Mix: An introduction to Mixer’s interface and workflow to help you get started quickly.
Feature Highlights: A detailed look into Mixer’s capabilities.
User Interface: Explore Mixer’s simplistic UI in an intuitively crafted left and right panel.
Layer Types: Learn about the different types of layers within Mixer and the power it brings with Megascans assets.
Masking: Explore Mixer’s powerful masking features to assist you with procedural or hand-painted details.
Painting: Find out all about Mixer’s painting features and custom masking capabilities.
Importing: Learn about the different ways to bring in your library or custom assets into Mixer.
Exporting: Explore different options to take your creations from Mixer to other DCCs.
Advanced Installation Options: A detailed dive into the more advanced options available for installing Mixer.
References: Find shortcut keys, most asked questions, and details for your free smart material packs.