Now that the installation is complete and the directories are all set up, you can now fire up Mixer to start with your first mix. When running the program for the first time, Mixer will prompt you to sign in using either Epic Games or Quixel credentials.

Options

Sign in with Epic Games
You will be directed towards Epic’s Sign In dialogue box, where you can use your Epic Games credentials to start utilizing Mixer. By agreeing to the Unreal Engine Developer EULA, you can access thousands of Megascans assets for free.

Sign In with Quixel
If you have an existing Quixel account, you can access Mixer using those credentials.


Offline Activation

On the bottom right of the Sign In dialogue box, you can see a link to Use License File. From your account settings on the Megascans site, download the Mixer offline license (.lic) file. Under License File, browse to the .lic file and click Activate.

You can also navigate to this option by going to ‘Help’ and clicking Activate License.



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