A base solid layer with a yellow diffuse.

The solid layer serves as a fill layer that gives the user a starting point to start applying procedural changes to it. This helps in saving huge amounts of time by utilizing the mask stacks and other tools available in mixer to quickly throw out details in all the different parts of a mesh which would otherwise, take a lot of effort to create by hand.

Layer Properties

A solid layer has these properties:


Blending is one of the core tools to combine two layers to create Mixes.


Mixer allows you to freely move, rotate and scale layers using the placement controls in the in layer controls panel. The different placement modes offer different controls. Please visit the Placement page, linked below, to familiarize yourself with them.

Channel Specific Controls

Solid layer also have channel specific controls that determines its look and feel. See Channel Specific Controls for more information. This allows Solid Layers to be very modular, versatily and a cheap option to regular material layers if you don’t require texture information in all channels.

Reflectance Presets

By clicking hamburger button on the top-right of the Layer control panel you can find a vast array of material reflectance values. By clicking any of these the reflectance values will change accordingly.



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