Supported File formats

Currently, Mixer supports the FBX and OBJ file formats. Support for more file formats will be added soon.

Model Size Units

  • For FBX files, the size units are read from the file.
  • For OBJ files, Mixer assumes the units to be in meters.

Texture Sets

Mixer currently only allows creation of one texture set per mix and has no UDIM support. Support for multiple texture sets will be added soon.

Coordinate System

Mixer is currently using a left handed coordinate system:

  • Y points up
  • Z points forward
  • X points to the right

UV Layout Limitations

Mixer currently supports unique UV shells and we recommend not using flipped or overlapping UVs as that may cause issues.

Things to consider when importing custom 3D assets

Mixer triangulates the imported mesh, if it is not already triangulated. Users should ideally triangulate a mesh before sending it for baking and texturing. Baking tools can triangulate meshes in unexpected ways causing artifacts to appear in the baked maps.



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Mixer Manual 書き出しました: Apr 14, 2020

Sorry to hear that you are having trouble loading meshes. Please contact us at, this will enable our support team to assist you in resolving the issue.

胡德明 書き出しました: Apr 8, 2020

None of the 3D assets I purchased and other 3D models can be imported into Mixer. "Error loading mesh" is displayed when importing