The Base Layer has an input slot which allows the user to specify a Material ID map (Mat ID). A Material ID map is an RGB texture that functions as a mask and allows Mixer to separate different color values into individual masks. These can then be accessed via the Material ID Mask interface. These Mat IDs can be created either manually by painting them in image editing software or by baking them in your software of choice.

The Material ID settings have two sections:

Section 1:

Load and view the Material ID map, Reload it from disk, and Remove it. Loading a map populates the IDs with the colors available in that Loaded Map automatically.

Section 2:

1: IDs from a Loaded Map: IDs from a Loaded Map is where the user can view and rename existing IDs from the map to something that is meaningful to them. By default, these get named by their respective colors.

2: Unassigned IDs in Mix: These are the overview Material IDs that are checked in the Material ID Masks, but do not match a color in the Loaded Map. This can happen when loading a Smart Material or removing the map. If a map with matching colors to the Unassigned IDs is loaded, the Unassigned IDs are automatically matched and assigned to the Available IDs listed.

These Unassigned IDs can be reassigned to another ID by right-clicking them and selecting the Reassign option.

Here we can see that some Material ID Masks want to create masks from Blood and Grass. This is because these IDs were checked in a previous map but do not exist in a different map. Hence they are listed as Unassigned IDs.


The Load button allows users to browse to a file on disk. If the Mix is saved, a Loaded Map is saved with it (painted maps and image masks get saved). Loading a map automatically generates new IDs from the map, and also reassigns Unassigned IDs to them if there is a match.


The Reload button is only active if a map is currently loaded and it was loaded in the current session.
The map is reloaded from the same place on disk as before. Reloading a map re-generates all the color IDs, and reassigns Unassigned IDs that match.


The Remove button is interactable when there is a map loaded. This button removes the map. Any IDs that are assigned in the Material ID Maks show up in the Unassigned IDs section. Unused IDs will be disregarded and removed.

Auto Naming

  • The identified colors from the map are automatically named by their colors.
  • The exception to this is if an Unassigned ID is reassigned to an Available ID, its name will also be assigned.

Now you can assign Layers or Groups to different parts of the mesh by selecting IDs on a Material ID Mask on that layer.


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