Q: How do I export to Quixel Bridge?
A: See Integration with Bridge for more info on setting up the two apps together. When a Mix is exported to the Local Library, it will appear in the Local Library on Bridge.

Q: I can’t see tool tips.
A: Enable Tool Tips under User Interface in Edit > Preferences.

Q: Does mixer have a mirror function while painting?
A: The current build does not support the mirror function while painting.

Q: Mixer won’t recognize assets.
A: Ensure the assets are supported, and that Mixer’s Local Library points to “Megascans Assets” instead of one of the internal folders (for more information, see Folder Structure).

Q: How do I load and save brushes?
A: See Managing your Brush Library.

Q: Can I map shortcut keys of my own choice?
A: The current version of Mixer does not allow for mapping your own shortcut keys.

Q: I cant find a way to import my own model into Mixer.
A: You can easily import your model by going to ‘Setup’ tab and selecting ‘Custom Mesh’ from the type drop down under Model Settings.

Q: What are the file types of 3D objects that can be imported in Mixer?
A: At present, Mixer lets you import .fbx and .obj file formats.

Q: Why am I getting the “Models with multiple texture sets are not currently supported?”
A: The current version only supports a single texture set. It is important to ensure that there are no UV overlaps or flipped UVs.

Q: Is there a way to view or hide certain portions of the mesh?
A: The current version does not support showing or hiding different parts of the mesh.

Q: How can I make mesh parts transparent?
A: While opacity works in the stack layers, the opacity can not yet be added as a channel thereby limiting the mesh visibility functions in the viewport.

Q: What are the hardware requirements to run Mixer?
A: Please see Hardware Requirements for more info.

Q: Mixer is running slow.
A: Please see Improving Performance for settings you can adjust.

Q: Is there scaling support for high resolution displays?
A: Enable Scale UI under User Interface in Edit > Preferences.

Q: How can I set up multiple versions of Mixer?
A: For Windows, ensure you install at a different directory to the existing installation. For Mac, click Keep Both when installing, and rename the application to note the version if needed.

Q: Can I use multiple GPUs with Mixer?
A: You may, but Mixer will only use one GPU.


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